**I LOVE MUSIC** Featuring DJ Vid-Youth and DJ Bobby, Mar.24,2010

March 19th, 2010

There are only a handful of DJ’s in this town that can rock a party consistently every night, and this week I LOVE MUSIC is proud to present one of Bang-town’s finest DJ BOBBY! With his unique progressive house sound and killer mixing style I LOVE MUSIC is set to explode!

Your mid-week streesbuster won’t let you down, so don’t miss this for anything. DJ Vidyouth will open the party off with some phat house sounds.

I LOVE MUSIC the hottest party of the week!

**I LOVE MUSIC** featuring DJ Vid-Youth and DJ Nitin (Beyond Logic Records) Mar.17,2010

March 11th, 2010

17th_march_2010_ILMI LOVE MUSIC this week is nothing but stellar! After a whirlwind tour of Goa, I LOVE MUSIC is excited to present DJ NITIN (Beyond Logic Records) locked and loaded to blast your favorite mid-week stressbuster apart! Opening the party off will be Bangalore’s own DJ Vid-Youth with his unique bumping sound!

Extremely influenced by the sounds and the rhythms of the various forms of dance music Dj Nitin started collecting a wide range of dance music right from the age of 13..Genres ranging from progressive house ,techno to psychedelic..Got his first break in one of the beautiful beach parties of goa in 2004 and since then there has been no looking back ,Spinning in almost all the clubs and private parties in Bangalore,Bombay,Goa,Nepal and Thailand Dj nitin realized that it wasn’t just his unconditional love for music that transformed him into a Dj but it was the control he had over the crowd , Dj Nitin is one of those few dj’s who create the party’s vibe, feel and atmosphere,always hunting for sounds that touch ones soul there would never be any mark of disappointment on the dancefloor. Spinning dj sets which showcases a tremendous progressive start which results later to a true trance state of mind. Nitin has played with the likes of top international artists such as Astrix, Eskimo, Z-machine, Pixel, Neuromotor, Psysex Aka Goblin, Paul Taylor, Tristan, Sirius Isness many more and still to come.

I LOVE MUSIC this Wednesday!!!

**I LOVE MUSIC** Featuring DJ Vid-Youth and DJ URI (UK) Wed. March, 10,2010

March 6th, 2010

It’s another funky week of I LOVE MUSIC continuing to bring Bangalore cutting-edge dance music from around the world with electronic turntable wizard DJ URI from London. Setting our mid-week stress-buster off will be our own Dj Vid-Youth bumping some house sounds.

With a career spanning over 2 decades, Uri Solanki a.k.a Mr Manali has been consistent and true to the Underground. The mid to late 80’s saw him playing Classic Soul & Funk to Hip Hop, Acid House and Rave, and with gigs at the Legendary ‘Amnesia House’ and ‘Total Kaos’ in the early 1990’s, Uri has and still is enjoying the musical ride of life.

Born in East London in 1974, Uri’s journey has been in full flow since the early 1980’s. Influenced by the ‘Street Sounds Electro Compilations’, and the whole Break Dance Era, when he first saw a DJ on 2 Turntables, through the Acid House explosion in the mid 1980’s, to the Rave and Jungle Culture of the early 1990’s and the House and Trance movement in the mid 1990’s. Uri has had a solid musical upbringing from an early age.

His versatility and DJ skills have allowed him to play many different genres, and fuse many styles and influences, with a no holds barred attitude. Uri is at ease playing anything from Glitch Hop, Dubstep, Minimal Techno, and Electro House to Breakbeat and Drum & Bass.

1995 was the year that India became his second home, and with various gigs across the country over the next 10 years, from beach parties in Psychedelic Goa to the Underground revolution that was taking place in major cities such as Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, he has become a household name within the scene.

Uri has been an unsung hero for India’s emerging Electronic Music Scene. Since the mid 90’s, he has been training India’s first wave of Turntable enthusiasts, giving personal tuition on Scratching, Beat Juggling and various other Turntable Techniques to now, some of India’s Leading DJ’s. Still to this day he is the source of Fresh Music for many DJ’s in India that are looking for That Cutting Edge.

I LOVE MUSIC this Wednesday don’t miss it!